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Garden Grove Pro Upholstery Cleaning Experts

Look at the furniture around your home. Some of it is likely newer furniture, while some of it is older and looking a bit rugged. Whatever the case may be, you likely have some furniture that needs cleaning. No, we are not simply speaking about stains and the like that you may have in your furniture’s upholstery; rather, we are also talking about scratches and the general eyesores that accumulate on your furniture over time.

We realize that you take pride in your furniture, and if you have been wishing that your furniture was back to a “like new” condition, then there is one thing you need to do:

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You will have the pleasure of speaking with the Garden Grove Carpet Cleaning Experts in Garden Grove, CA. You will learn that we can clean roughly any type of upholstery you can imagine, from sofas to recliners sporting the finest fabric and so much more. In short, there isn’t a type of upholstery we cannot fix; but before we begin to fix your upholstery, we need to test a small sample.

Why exactly?

Because of one simple reason: so we do not ruin your furniture’s upholstery. Due to the materials of furniture varying greatly from one type to another, it is imperative that we run a test to ensure that the methods and technology we use on your furniture’s upholstery will allow the furniture to keep its color and fabric intact. Essentially, this test will allow us to make your furniture look as unblemished as the day you purchased it.

In addition, we can apply other services to your upholstery:

  • Odor and stain removal
  • Dust and mold removal
  • Special upholstery treatments
    • Including (but not limited to) ozone, enzymatic solutions, and tea tree.
  • So much more you’ll have to contact us to learn all about it!

“But what about my leather furniture? Can you fix that as well?”

Absolutely! The professionals at our Garden Grove upholstery cleaning company can make your leather upholstery look phenomenal once again. While the process is certainly tedious (meaning it could take longer to fix your leather furniture than ordinary furniture), we guarantee you are going to be amazed at how incredible it looks.

To make your leather furniture look immaculate, we apply the appropriate amount of leather cleaner to your furniture. This will remove every single trace of soiling for the hide of the leather’s surface. Afterward, we apply a refinishing cream as well as a protective coating around every inch of the surface. This results in the leather looking fully enhanced and protecting it from future tears and wear.

Ready to make your furniture look brand-new?

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